Thursday, February 13, 2014

What is Love? (poem of sorts)

What is love,
But a promise
To be broken?
What is love,
But words unspoken . . .
Feelings buried deep beneath
The surface of the heart.
What is love,
But waiting,
For the other shoe to fall
When you'll be torn apart?
What is love?
Is it a hug? It is a kiss?
Is it more than this?
Is it lying in bed,
Holding someone close,
Even if they're gross,
Till the morning comes
So you can say that you're done
So that you can run
Away . . .
No, that's not love,
No matter what they say.
It's more than that,
More than lying flat
On your back.
What is love?
Is it spending time
Walking and talking
And holding hands?
Is it having someone who understands?
Is it having someone who doesn't leave,
Even when the going gets tough . . .
When the road gets rough?
What is love?
Is it living forever
In la-la land,
Kissy, kissy ga-ga for someone
And never letting go?
Can't somebody tell me --
I don't know!
What is love?
I know it's more than words,
To base a relationship
On saying "I Love You"
Is just absurd.
Any old fool can repeat
Some words that are sweet
And mean nothing by it,
It's what happens in the quiet,
I think .  .  .
What is love?
Is it believing in the good,
Waiting like you should,
Wishing somehow you could
Be together.
If that's what love is,
Than love is torture.
Love is a curse.
Love is the worst thing,
But love is the first thing
That we long for,
That we live for,
That we'd give anything for . . .
But why?
Why do we strive for that feeling
That sends us reeling,
That leaves us spinning,
That leads us to sinning?
What is love?
There are so many songs
That say they know what love is,
But maybe they're all wrong!
What is love?
Can't somebody tell me, please!
Once upon a time
I think I knew what love was,
But now I'm not so sure.
I don't remember who I was,
I don't remember where we were.
Tell me . . .
Don't spare me
The harsh reality . . .
Tell me . . .
What is love?